Another DNA Site Bites the Dust

Shopping for holiday DNA kits?  I want to caution you about your upcoming purchase.  In the ever changing world of DNA, the results you receive won’t be the same a year from now and I’m not talking about mutations to your chromosomes. 

The more people that test, the larger the database (duh) and that increase results in a refinement of the ethnicities listed.  I’ve lost count of how many times has emailed me that my results have been altered.  Make sure that you or whoever you purchased the test for, understands that the results are fluid.

Once you’ve wrapped your head around that concept, you need to be cognizant of the bigger picture – that your DNA results might just disappear.  Yes, you paid for them but that doesn’t mean they will be available forever.

I was one of the early testers on; a few years after I had my X tested they moved to autosomal and no longer supported my original results.  The only way I could access DNA match was to be retested. 

Now the granddaddy of DNA testing has announced that they will be ceasing operation in June 2020 – National Geographic’s Genographic Project.  That project, launched in 2005, was an anthropological study to identify historical migration patterns.  Geno2 was unveiled in 2016 and now that is coming to an end.  Although the purpose of that project was not genealogical, families often were interested in the long term historical findings hiding in their DNA.  

At it’s inception the project was voluntary but I missed my local test date.  When the company decided to expand for a cost, it was pricey for my family’s pocketbook so I didn’t participate.  A colleague did and I was intrigued by the colorful interpretive guide that she received – just what you’d expect from National Geographic.  Eventually, when the price dropped, I did purchase a kit.

If you have results, you must download and save or you won’t be able to access after May 2020.  

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