Remembering the Forgotten Ones – A New Project

The Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War (DUVCW) have embarked on a new project, The Forgotten Soldiers and Sailors.  This legacy organization will be accepting documentation through the end of 2021 about those that left NO DESCENDANTS due to their death in battle or from injury/disease due to their war service for the … Continue reading “Remembering the Forgotten Ones – A New Project”

Remembering the Vets

The US Federal holiday, Memorial Day, is now seen as the kick-off for summer.  Originally begun in 1868, it was a day to remember and mourn those who died in the Civil War.  The picture above was taken in Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, Cook, Illinois probably on one of the first Memorial Days. It is the Thomas … Continue reading “Remembering the Vets”

GenealogyAtHeart’s Top 10 Posts of 2021

Looked at the calendar this morning and realized this will be my last Genealogy At Heart post for 2021! I will be taking a hiatus due to the holidays for the next 2 weeks. Hoping you have a delightful time – enjoy, reminisce, and stay safe. 10 Fantastic Photos! MyHeritage Does it Again! 9 Resolving … Continue reading “GenealogyAtHeart’s Top 10 Posts of 2021”

Missing Tombstones

Last week I wrote about my awesome find locating the deed for one of John and Jane Duer’s children, Mary, in Mercer County, Ohio.  I mentioned that no one knows where John Duer was buried and that it is my guess he is buried next to his first wife, Jane.   It is frustrating when we … Continue reading “Missing Tombstones”