An Unusual Source to Find a Deed

What do you do when you’ve looked for a deed in all the usual places – county property appraisers office, or other online database of deed records, and even probate files but you come up with nothing? I was fortunate to find deed records in an unlikely place and you just might find this … Continue reading “An Unusual Source to Find a Deed”

GenealogyAtHeart’s Top 10 Posts of 2021

Looked at the calendar this morning and realized this will be my last Genealogy At Heart post for 2021! I will be taking a hiatus due to the holidays for the next 2 weeks. Hoping you have a delightful time – enjoy, reminisce, and stay safe. 10 Fantastic Photos! MyHeritage Does it Again! 9 Resolving … Continue reading “GenealogyAtHeart’s Top 10 Posts of 2021”

Welcome, Cuz – NPE Results in a Newly Found Relative

This has been an unusual week for me. In August 2017 I emailed someone on Ancestry asking how they were related as the individual had no online tree. I suggested the match was for a particular surname. This week, I got a reply. Yes, it was over 4 years after I sent the initial inquiry. … Continue reading “Welcome, Cuz – NPE Results in a Newly Found Relative”

Using an Index to Find What I Didn’t Know Existed

Genealogist purists do not like using indexes. I ‘m glad I’m not a purist as I recently found an interesting record by accident while using an index. Monthly, I get an email from with updates about the site. I always check out the section that lists the newly available online records. I find this … Continue reading “Using an Index to Find What I Didn’t Know Existed”

Visiting the New England Historic and Genealogical Society

Originally published on on 18 Nov 2015. Last weekend I had the pleasure of researching at the New England Historic and Genealogical Society in Boston, Massachusetts. If you’re planning a first visit, here’s some tips I found useful:  The library is SMALL but filled with tremendous resources that you might not find anywhere else.  … Continue reading “Visiting the New England Historic and Genealogical Society”

Genealogy Cleaning Hints

Since returning home from vacation, I have been on a genealogy cleaning spree.  Although I hadn’t planned for this, I discovered a few days before I left that I really had to make it my priority when I returned.  While packing, I was frantically looking for items in the closet when I got hit in … Continue reading “Genealogy Cleaning Hints”

Haunted Rose Cemetery

I actually planned on writing about an awesome find by using an index that happened to me while I was researching last weekend but an event just occurred that I must get out of my mind. On this beautiful cool fall morning, a World War 1 Centennial Commemoration service was scheduled at Rose Cemetery in … Continue reading “Haunted Rose Cemetery”

MyHeritage SuperSearch Update

For a number of years, has provided users with the ability to add their input regarding incorrect info on record indexes. Recently, MyHeritage has devised a similar feature that will allow for corrections of spellings or transcription errors. Simply click “Suggest Alternatives” and add your info. You’ll need to type the first and last … Continue reading “MyHeritage SuperSearch Update”

Making the Most of Your Research Trip – Part 6

Originally published on on 28 Aug 2016 Please check out my earlier blogs about my recent adventures researching in Pennsylvania.  At this point in my travels, I had one afternoon and one morning left in the area and hadn’t really found much.  To recap: No will at the courthouse – only the index of … Continue reading “Making the Most of Your Research Trip – Part 6”