Resolving Genealogy Tech Issues

I abhor spending time on tech issues but that has been on my to-do list for awhile so I decided to spend this week taking care of needed updates. First on the agenda was to update my blog settings.  Typically, I just have to click a button and the settings are updated.  Last May, I got a … Continue reading “Resolving Genealogy Tech Issues”

GenealogyAtHeart’s Top 10 Posts of 2021

Looked at the calendar this morning and realized this will be my last Genealogy At Heart post for 2021! I will be taking a hiatus due to the holidays for the next 2 weeks. Hoping you have a delightful time – enjoy, reminisce, and stay safe. 10 Fantastic Photos! MyHeritage Does it Again! 9 Resolving … Continue reading “GenealogyAtHeart’s Top 10 Posts of 2021”

Professional Development

In 2017, the Association of Professional Genealogists moved to requiring members to submit annual professional development completed when renewing membership. As a passionate genealogist and educator, Lori supports this change. Below are courses that she has completed in the last 6 months and recommends for those interested in furthering their knowledge. Please Note: There may … Continue reading “Professional Development”