Top Genealogy At Heart Posts from 2020

Welcome back to another year of Genealogy at Heart.  Here’s hoping your holidays were quiet, safe and delightful!

I’m longing for the comfort of ritual traditions that were discarded last year due to all the chaos.  In keeping with how I have started every past January blog, here’s my review of the top 10 Genealogy at Heart posts for 2020:

That Creepy House in Your Neighborhood 4 Oct  

More Tech Safety Suggestions 12 Sep 

A Strange Way to Select a Genealogy Research Project 11 Oct 

Evernote Info to Keep Your Info Safe 5 Sep 

Time Sensitive – Saving Your Messages  29 Aug

DNA Ethnicity Surprises 20 Sep 

Your Family and the Neighbors 27 Sep 

US Census:  An Interactive Timeline 2 May 

Free Sites for Genealogy in April and Onward 11 Apr 

Stuck on Where to Find Family Records – Try This Underused Resource 16 Feb 

What’s odd is that there was only one article that made the top 10 that was B.C. (Before Covid). Maybe you were all too busy in the first three months of the year to read my blog?!  

I’m not surprised by the others listed as I know, dear reader, you are interested in stretching your cash as genealogy can get expensive.  You also want to keep your hard work safe so you care about tech safety.  Keeping up with trends, such as DNA, and realizing the importance of seeking out new records in out of the way places and then analyzing closely what was discovered is something you value.  

I do think it’s hilarious that two of my more other worldly posts are in the top 3. Next week, I’ll be writing about a weird find I made Christmas night.  See you next week…