Ashes on the Doorstep

Originally published on on 29 Oct 2015 I absolutely love the internet – it’s my favorite improvement in life.  I could live without kitchen appliances, television, cell phone and backup camera on my car but I wouldn’t want to return to the days of no internet. I first used the internet in 1993 at … Continue reading “Ashes on the Doorstep”

Organizing Your Genealogy Documents

You’ve heard of Marie Kondo and Swedish Death Cleaning. You probably have participated in Spring Cleaning. If you’re like me, you never gave much thought to cleaning and organizing your genealogical treasures. I originally set up my genealogical documents in paper file folders, all of the same, manilla flavor by surname, and filed the paperwork … Continue reading “Organizing Your Genealogy Documents”

Missing Tombstones

Last week I wrote about my awesome find locating the deed for one of John and Jane Duer’s children, Mary, in Mercer County, Ohio.  I mentioned that no one knows where John Duer was buried and that it is my guess he is buried next to his first wife, Jane.   It is frustrating when we … Continue reading “Missing Tombstones”

A Creepy Weird Family Story

Every October I like to blog about a family story passed down to me that I consider spooky. The odd thing about the story I’m about to tell is that I can find NO DOCUMENTATION to support the facts. Zero – Nada – Zilch! Since this occurred in my lifetime I find the lack of … Continue reading “A Creepy Weird Family Story”

Genealogy Mysteries – The Unclaimed Dead

Anyone who has spent even a short amount of time in genealogy encounters missing ancestor information. Although women are more often found in this category due to changing surnames when they wed or a lack of surviving documents due to limited citizenship rights, men, too, often simply disappear into thin air. Lately, after seeing the … Continue reading “Genealogy Mysteries – The Unclaimed Dead”

Another Find Where It Shouldn’t Have Been!

Originally published on on 26 Dec 2015. Okay – here we go again!  I found the missing information in a place that that was not anywhere close to where the ancestor had lived but ironically, was only 5 minutes from where I work.  Earlier this month I blogged about the importance of revisiting places previously … Continue reading “Another Find Where It Shouldn’t Have Been!”

Genealogy At Heart – A New Website

Originally published on on 8 Dec 2015. I’m heading out to the west coast for a conference but wanted to let you all to know I’ve developed a website to contain my blogs in one handy dandy spot – you can now access it at All blog posts will be listed under Family Stories/Genealogy … Continue reading “Genealogy At Heart – A New Website”

A Serendipitous Burial Location

Originally published on on 5 Nov 2015. In my last blog I wrote about how I felt after getting “a sign” regarding my decision as to where to inter my mom’s cremains.   Today, I want to let you know about a serendipitous burial location for my mom’s best friend: My mom met Helen … Continue reading “A Serendipitous Burial Location”

Butterflies and Flowers – A Mother’s Message of Love From Beyond

Originally published on on 1 Nov 2015. I’ve been blogging about synchronicity – those meaningful coincidences that occur – and genealogy. I’m going to blog about events that I cannot explain but held a powerful message to my immediate family and I. Here’s what happened. First, a little background information.  I am an only … Continue reading “Butterflies and Flowers – A Mother’s Message of Love From Beyond”