Most Read Genealogy At Heart Blogs of 2016

With the New Year approaching I decided to look back on my blogs written during 2016. When I began blogging in 2015, it was with the intention of documenting my journey to become a Certified Genealogist. Although I submitted my portfolio in August, I won’t receive a response for several more months. Since I’m no longer “On the Clock” but still don’t have a decision regarding certification, I decided to continue my twice a week musings about new discoveries, trends and ideas. Here’s what my dear readers found most interesting – the top 10 most read articles of my 2016 posts:

1. Genealogy Gift Ideas
2. Family Tree Maker’s Fall Newsletter Makes Me Feel Vindicated?
3. Ancestry’s New Connection Ap
4. DNA Lab Analysis-The Accuracy is Questioned
5. Genealogy Catch Up – Using the Extra Hour of Day Light Savingsto Keep Organized
6. Watching the Waistline – Diets from my Family’s Past
7. A New Way to Identify Name Variations
8. TIE- Less Than 6 Degrees of Separation
8. TIE – Every Genealogical Record You Need is Online. I Beg to Differ!
10. Making the Most of Your Research – Part 8 – Last in a Series

Due to Christmas falling on my usual post day of Sunday I won’t be blogging again until the following week. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday.

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