Genealogy Resolutions

There’s no better time than the start of a brand new year to fine tune genealogy habits. Need some ideas? How about:
Spring Clean Now! That’s right, in the dead of winter. Sort your loose papers into 3 piles. Pile 1 is for whatever you view as most interesting to pursue. Pile 2 is interested but can’t do right now, such as searching records at a repository outside of your area. Pile 3 is your trash pile. Put that immediately in File 13 (your trash bin) or your fireplace.
Calendars Count – It doesn’t matter if it’s the one your dry cleaners gave you, a special holiday gift received or electronic. What does matter is that you block time out now for family reunions, research, trips and conferences.
Resolve to Rule Your Routines – We all have some bad genealogical habits. I do a great job of making a plan when researching for clients but not so good when I’m working on my own tree. I plan on improving in that area this year.
Lighten Up – Nope, this has nothing to do with diet or cleaning. Instead, I mean don’t be so hard on yourself. Genealogy is your passion so don’t make it an unpleasant job. Sure it’s frustrating not being able to find the relationship you’re seeking. Yes, it’s sad that your ancestors made some really stinky choices. Remember you can only control what you own so let the negative feelings go.
Feeling Fine – There are lots of reasons to pursue genealogy. Some folks love the family stories they uncover while others like to solve puzzles and mysteries. I want to better understand history by relating it to events in which my ancestors were involved. You may want to discover how far back you can go or to record your family via photos. Whatever your reason, it’s much more fun when you share your findings. Explore ways to spread that joy this year. Facebook, Pinterest and are free. You may want to build a website for your own family or write an eBook to save on publishing costs. Attend a meeting of your local genealogy society to find other kindred spirits especially if your family is less than enthusiastic about your finds. Know that whatever your reason to pursue genealogy or way you select to present your findings is the right way – there’s certainly not many fields that are like that. Wishing you a year of enjoyable discoveries!

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